Magnet Soothing Power

Since ancient times eastern medicine has known that
magnets are beneficial for our well-being. Today millions of people use magnet
therapy products for self-care and relief in many ailments.

About Magnetic Soothing Power

All of our products are made of the highest quality materials. High-power neodymium magnets stimulate the body to produce negative ions. They improve oxygenation and create conditions to improve metabolic processes at the cellular level. Maintaining the proper levels of alkalinity and oxygenation of our tissues is essential to our well-being.
Without needles

The combination of magnetotherapy and acupressure is used in various ailments. It can also promote promote recovery from burns and injuries, and can provide relief from dizziness, fatigue, and trouble sleeping.



Massages with magnets were performed in China as early as the 4th and 5th centuries BC. Such treatments support the regeneration of muscles and joints as well as restoring stability and psychophysical balance. Thanks to modern magnetic massagers, you can perform them yourself at home.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, biomagnetic bracelets regulate the flow of Qi life energy, which may reduce stress and improve immunity. Our bracelets also impress with their original design!